Build the Team

The education system and the service system may not be able to support you in the way you expect. Therefore, it is important to involve people on your team who can develop innovative ways to support your child as they grow to adulthood.

While you will be expected to be very involved in the development of your child’s transition plan, you do not need to do it alone. Build a team by seeking the support of people who can help you to set your child’s goals for the future and then help in making those goals a reality.

You will likely be responsible for most of the work involved in the planning process so surround yourself with the right people. Use your network of supports most effectively and gain from the experience of others. Seek out parents that have been through this process before and involve them in your planning efforts. Find a mentor for your child – a peer that has recently made the transition to adulthood who can support your child as they go through the steps in developing their plan.

Some individuals you may want to consider in addition to yourself and your child can include the following:

  • Other family members
  • Parents who have recently gone through a transition plan themselves
  • Teachers
  • Community workers
  • Friends
  • Peers
  • Employers
  • Other members from the community

Ask yourself these questions to find the people you want on your team:

  • Who knows my child best?
  • Who does my child trust and feel comfortable around?
  • Who does my child look to for advice and support?
  • Who would my child like to help them with their transition from school to adulthood?
  • How can these people best help?

Support Agencies/Services Develop Your Transition Planning Team