What is Transition Planning?

Transition planning is preparing for one of the most significant times in your child’s life—becoming an adult. Your child will explore new interests, get to know the community, start new programs, work with new service providers and caregivers, leave familiar surroundings and friends, and make new friends. Planning for these changes takes time, so it’s important to start early.

The school system will begin this planning process at age 14 or 15, or the first year of high school, by updating your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). The IEP lists steps to help your child achieve their goals. This website’s worksheets will help you, your child, and school staff develop a more in-depth plan.

You can start this process yourself and it is important to start early. Children in Ontario have the right to an education but there are many people who would like to participate in activities and programs, such as adult developmental services, after high school.  There may be a lengthy wait time for some of these programs.

To apply for adult developmental services in Central West Region, call Developmental Services Ontario Central West Region at 1-888-941-1121. You can also find out more on the Developmental Services Ontario website.

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